To continually empower organizations, municipalities, communities, and individuals to get the maximum benefit of their lighting and smart sensory solutions and to safely and sustainably connect people, services, and machines.


Our street, industrial, and office lighting solutions offer better energy efficiency, more independence and safer connectedness, more intelligent remote data management, and a clear path to a sustainable future.

PAYAMOBADEL believes that investments in R&D, openness to collaboration, and long-term partnerships directly contribute to increasing the prosperity of all PAYAMOBADEL’S stakeholders. Our global competitiveness will not only be built on products, but on solutions that bring results in five or ten years from now. We will continue to explore connectivity concepts and integrated systems that translate to long-term prosperity and well-being for all of humanity.


PAYAMOBADEL’S guiding business principle is to develop and build successive generations of intelligent lighting that ensure fortuitous living and working conditions for all our users. We start with the incisive and inspiring R&D process that is the heart of our enterprise. The systemized value chain ensures world-class transparency and oversight throughout development, supplier selection, manufacturing, measurement and testing, and our after-sales processes.